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Online privacy and security policies


This Privacy Policy is issued in terms of applicable Mexican legislation, including, but not limited to, the provisions of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties (hereinafter the "FLPDPPP" ), and it will be of general application to all products and services contained in the electronic pages, including without limitation, the site www.olilo.lat (the "Websites") owned by SANULAC NUTRITION MEXICO S. DE R.L. DE C.V. BRANCH PANAMA, as well as all general information or personal (the "Information") obtained through it, or any other electronic means known or to be known. This Privacy Policy is subject to the terms and conditions of SANULAC and the LFPDPPP as well as any other applicable regulations, and constitutes a legal agreement between the User and SANULAC, its subsidiaries and / or affiliates.If the User uses SANULAC's services on any of its Websites, it means that they have read, understood, agreed or and given your consent to the terms set forth in this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with them, the User should not provide any personal information, or use the services of the SANULAC Websites. SANULAC knows the importance of making known how the personal information of its clients is collected, used and shared, users and / or providers (the and / or the "Users"), aspects that are addressed in this privacy policy. SANULAC, like Information Technologies, SANULAC's business policies are in constant evolution, and this Privacy Policy will be updated as necessary to adapt it to the evolution of Information Technologies, the LFPDPPP and any applicable regulations. , as well as the business development of SANULAC. Use of the Information is subject to the privacy policy in effect at the time the Information is used. Changes to the privacy policy will be posted on the SANULAC Websites and will be effective at the time they are posted. The User is recommended to consult from time to time the Privacy Policy on the SANULAC Websites to keep informed of any changes that may take place.

Information collected by SANULAC:

SANULAC collects and stores information about its suppliers and customers, as well as regarding the interests and preferences of Users in various ways, which, in the case of documentary information delivered physically, this is stored in the offices of SANULAC and only It is used for the purpose for which it was delivered by the User, in the case of digital information, it is stored on a secure server that resides behind a firewall designed to impede access by any outsider to SANULAC. Notwithstanding, given the characteristics of electronic communications and especially the characteristics of the Internet, no transmission by said means can guarantee 100% security, therefore, even if SANULAC strives to protect Personal Information obtained through electronic means , cannot ensure or guarantee the security in the transmission of any Information related to any of the online services, so the User agrees and accepts said risk. Once any information is received, SANULAC will do everything possible to safeguard its security and confidentiality to the maximum.

The information that SANULAC collects may correspond to the following:

a) Personal Information provided by the User: The information that the User provides personally in physical format, either for business reasons or collected in surveys, research and development of new products, opinion studies, etc., as well as the delivered by digital means entered by the User to the SANULAC Websites, or supplied by any electronic, optical, telefax or any other technology, by way of example; If the User registers for any of the services available on the SANULAC Websites, it is necessary to enter personal information about the User and their interests, including details that identify them, such as full name, address, telephone number, and email address. among others. Likewise, it can include information about your lifestyle, your interests and preferences and Financial information in the event that the services are onerous or information provided for the purpose of business between the User and SANULAC is involved.

Likewise, Users provide Information through surveys, contests, promotions, sweepstakes, questionnaires, demographic information, and online contact to carry out internal statistical studies on the interests and behavior of our Users. Users can voluntarily provide Information about their friends and family interested in the SANULAC Websites and / or the services and / or products offered or promoted therein.

Finally, SANULAC can establish conversation groups, discussion forums, message boards, and / or newsgroups for the free use of Users, said media are monitored by SANULAC but do not pre-examine their content. Any information that the User sends to a conversation group, discussion forum, message boards or and / or newsgroups, will be considered public information and will not be kept confidential in terms of the LFPDPPP and any applicable regulations. In these communication groups there is a risk that third parties may collect and use said information for purposes unrelated to the objectives of SANULAC, so it is the sole responsibility of the User to disclose the Information when participating in said groups or discussion forums.

b) Automatic Information: SANULAC also uses certain logical programs that interact with the User's computer equipment when visiting the SANULAC Websites, through the use of navigation and tracking equipment and programs, navigation files, "Web" records, "Cookies" or "clickstream" data files and other online data collection methods, SANULAC receives and stores certain types of information when the User visits the SANULAC Websites. This information is, but not limited to, used for analytical and statistical purposes.

In the event that the User does not want SANULAC to implement cookies in his browser, he can make the necessary modifications to his computer equipment and / or browser to reject cookies or to notify him when a website tries to place a cookie on the browser software. Rejecting cookies may affect the functionality and scope of the SANULAC Websites.

SANULAC may use network interceptors (web beacons), also known as single-pixel “GIF” images or “clear GIFs”, on the Websites to analyze traffic patterns, in order to understand the type of information that results. more interesting to Users. The User can voluntarily exclude himself from said analysis, for which, he must deactivate the JavaScript software on his computer equipment, however if the User disables JavaScript, it may affect the functionality of the Websites and limit access to them. Likewise, SANULAC uses network interceptors linked to your email address.

c) Information from other sources: In addition to the User information that SANULAC collects through electronic means, SANULAC may receive information from other sources and add it to the User's information. This includes information obtained through other means (whether physical or not) other than electronic means, whether obtained directly or through third parties.

d) Information about minors: The information and services contained in the SANULAC Websites are not directed to minors. SANULAC prohibits the registration of minors without the consent of their parents, and to the extent that it is aware of it, does not collect Information from minors without the prior consent of their parents.

SANULAC does not condition participation to any activity of a minor, to the delivery of personal information that is reasonably necessary for him to participate in said activity. If the parents or guardians of a minor, notice that Information about the minor has been provided, they should direct their notice or request for deletion of data to the address indicated in Clause 9 and it will be deleted immediately.

Use of Information:

The information of the Users collected and stored by SANULAC is used for the analysis and implementation of improvements in the Web sites, as well as for the promotion and commercialization of the services and products offered by SANULAC, through direct communication with the User, at Through electronic means, telephone and / or fax, for informational, promotional, statistical or commercial purposes of the Websites, products and services provided by SANULAC, its subsidiaries and / or affiliates in Mexico and abroad. The User agrees that The information provided in the conversation groups, forums, message boards, and / or news groups established by SANULAC, may be freely transmitted and / or commercialized by and between SANULAC and third parties, in the form and terms that SANULAC unilaterally determines, without any time limitation, SANULAC has full freedom for the use and transmission of the Information among its agents, suppliers, aces Ores, contractors and any person with whom SANULAC maintains a contractual relationship, for the adequate provision of the Services offered by SANULAC, are mentioned, but not limited to: order processing, sending postal and electronic mail, data analysis, assistance marketing, electronic payment processing, customer service, among other purposes aimed at providing, marketing or promoting the services and / or products offered by SANULAC. SANULAC maintains collaborative relationships with various individuals and companies that provide products and services (the " Business Network ”), as a consequence of the foregoing, it is necessary that SANULAC sometimes provide certain User Information in favor of the Business Network, in which case, SANULAC will require the Business Network to provide the User with all the mechanisms and the information necessary so that in case the User so requests in writing, their data or the sending of promotional or commercial information is removed from said network. Likewise, the Business Network may require the User to register or provide information to it, so the User agrees that they may receive information or promotions from third parties who maintain a business relationship with SANULAC. SANULAC shares non-personal information , in all or summary part related to Users, with potential partners, clients or third parties not mentioned in this Privacy Policy, this information does not personally identify the User. Users acknowledge that by providing any type of Information, they expressly agree to: ( i) accept all the conditions contained in this Privacy Policy; (ii) agree that the information provided is stored, used and processed for the purposes established in this document, including for commercial purposes by SANULAC, its subsidiaries and affiliates; and, (iii) grant any right and license royalty-free, without restrictions, irrevocable, non-exclusive and fully transferable, which may be assigned and sub-licensed, to use, copy, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, the information stored, in any form, medium or technology known or to be developed, including promotional and / or commercial purposes, within the framework of the applicable legislation.

3.1 Responsibility in the use of the information contained in the SANULAC website. It is strictly forbidden to use images, offensive, of a sexual nature, that go against good customs (use of high-sounding or offensive words, discriminatory material, etc.)

SANULAC may exercise the corresponding legal action against Users who violate said rule and block users who violate the terms and conditions of use of this privacy policy.

3.2 Disclaimer. The information provided on the SANULAC website is for informational purposes only and does not represent any kind of professional advice or advice and is not intended to replace the opinions, advice and recommendations of a physician; If users or visitors to the SANULAC website need specific medical advice, they should seek and consult a healthcare professional. SANULAC is not responsible for any use of the information, or decisions that users make based on the information displayed on the website www.olilo.lat

Use of Information for Protection Purposes:

SANULAC may use and disclose User data if there are well-founded reasons to infer that the protection of the rights, security or property of SANULAC or third parties is necessary; compliance with applicable legislation, or implementation of the legal actions necessary to enforce SANULAC's rights. Likewise, SANULAC may disclose the User's data, to the extent permitted by law, to the competent authorities, in order to facilitate the investigation and identification of persons who have been or may be subject to civil or criminal proceedings. As well as the exchange of information with public or private financial institutions and organizations for the protection of fraud and reduction of credit risk.


SANULAC takes precautions -whether administrative, technical or physical- to protect the Information from loss, theft, or improper use as well as from unauthorized access, disclosure, modification or destruction. Online products or services, that, where appropriate, are marketed by SANULAC use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption on all Websites in which personal information is requested. To acquire the services or products offered on the SANULAC Websites, the User must use a browser compatible with SSL encryption, in order to protect the confidentiality of the User's Information during transmission over the Internet. However, no computer or information system can fully protect all possible risks. As a result, SANULAC does not guarantee the absolute security of the information that the User transmits, since SANULAC does not control malicious software that tracks the keys that the user presses in exchange for free emoticons, the monitoring carried out by private detectives and people physically close to the User, it is important that the User protect their password and computer equipment against unauthorized access, as well as the necessary precautions in order not to physically leave their personal or confidential data within the reach of third parties.

a) Secure Transactions: All the authentication processes as well as the technical handling of the commercial data of our clients correspond to SANULAC NUTRITION MEXICO S. DE R.L. DE C.V. BRANCH PANAMA. The Security Certificate is verified in the status bar of your browser where a closed padlock will appear on the registration security and the same closed padlock will also appear in the lower left corner of your browser. In both cases, by clicking on these icons, your browser will display all the necessary information about the security protocols.

c) Secure Site: The set of files and data that are hosted on SANULAC's servers use SSL technology to encrypt data traffic between the User and the server, which constitutes a secure site. The encryption of the Information is carried out with an algorithm that can only be understood by the client-server pair, ensuring that third parties who eventually intercept the information cannot understand its meaning.

Access and Options:

SANULAC will give the User access to the Information whenever the User so requests it by post or to the email indicated in Clause 9 of this Privacy Policy, in order for the User to exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition regarding the Information, said request must be accompanied by the requirements established by the LFPDPPP and any other applicable regulations to prove the legal interest of the requesting User.

Websites and Use of Information by Third Parties:

The SANULAC Websites, products, applications and services may contain links to third-party pages, products and services. Our products and services may also use or offer third-party products or services. The information collected by third parties, including location or contact data, is regulated by their respective privacy policies. We recommend that the User obtain more information about these privacy policies.

Information Storage:

User information will generally be stored in SANULAC databases or in databases maintained by our service providers. Most of these databases are stored on servers located in the United States. By providing any personal information to SANULAC, Users, customers and suppliers, fully understand and unequivocally consent that such information is collected, transferred, processed and stored in the United States of America, including and not limited to those of member states of the European Union and those of each of the jurisdictions in Latin America.

Queries about the Privacy Policy:

If you have questions or doubts regarding the SANULAC Privacy Policy or the data processing and information storage system, you can contact the SANULAC Information Supervisor by postal mail , phone or email, to the following address:

Responsable: Paulina Ramos Avila
Correo-e: [email protected]

At SANULAC we work in compliance with the applicable laws for the protection of personal data in the United Mexican States, with special emphasis on the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Individuals, and we have corporate policies designed to protect information. of our clients, users and suppliers.

Accessing and browsing the www.olilo.lat website implies accepting and knowing the legal warnings and terms and conditions of use contained therein. Any other use is prohibited and is not authorized in any way by Sanulac Nutrición México, S. de R.L. de C.V., its subsidiaries and / or affiliates.